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One World celebration of our common humanity my literary home. If you've visited before, I'm honored by your return visit.
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    This home was "built" in part to introduce Promised Land, my first published literary
    offering. How the family has grown! Read on to see the currently available collection,
    including most recent works from author!
  Most Recent Works From Author (Partial)
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N e w   A r r i v a l ! ! !

Pointing Fingers:
Tales of Forgiveness &

    How well might justice be served
    if murder victims had the chance
    to finger their killers?

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Pointing Fingers: Tales of Forgiveness & Revenge
Living Spiritually: Are You Serious About Walking the Talk?

“Those who read
spiritual books
hoping for clear
guidance and
insights that can
be easily infused
into their daily
living will be very
pleased to find this
(Judge, 22nd Annual
Writer’s Digest
Self-Published Book
Living Spiritually
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  *To read more of Judge’s review go to Current Works .
The One That Started it All
P r o m i s e d   L a n d
(Now Includes the Backstory)*
    On one fateful day, six simple
    words are spoken.  And life on
    Earth would never be quite the
    same again.

Promised Land with Backstory
M.A. Laborde is a pen name sometimes used by Anne Samuel when writing fictional works.
*NOTE: To purchase Promised Land the novel without the backstory,
go to or click here.
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